Baby girl wrapped in purple wrap with a floral headband asleep in a rustic wrought iron bed prop

Posted on March 2, 2019


This gorgeous little girl was just 7 days new when she visited the studio with her parents and older brother for her newborn session. The first thing I noticed was her amazingly cute cheeks and full head of hair!

Every baby that comes through my door has their own special sleep sleep pattern and favorite positions to lie in. It is important to remember that not all babies are comfortable in all newborn posing positions and that’s more than ok! My approach to a session is to let the baby guide me. I will never pursue a pose they are clearly unhappy or uncomfortable with, as their happiness and safety are my highest priority.

This little lady was a clear example of already knowing what she liked! She was a light sleeper who loved to be wrapped and feel supported throughout her session. In fact, she loved nothing more than having her arms wrapped and against her body which meant that some poses just weren’t for her. To give some variety to her gallery, we brought out some beautiful props and a variety of wraps and headbands to give each image a different look.


This cream tub is one of my new favorite props! For this image we placed it on a custom hand painted canvas backdrop and paired it with pastel pinks and a cream curly wool layer.

GIANG-9 - A black and white image of the soles of a newborn baby's feet in the palm of her fathers' hands

The ‘Feet in Hands” pose is definitely one of my most requested. One day she will look back in awe at how tiny her feet were in her daddy’s hands.


Awww those wrinkles! The ‘Toshie Up’ pose as it is known, is another popular request and perfect for those babies who like their arms against their bodies.


This is another one of my newer props, the mini scroll bed. It is the perfect size for little newborns and I can already tell its going to receive a few requests. Again the cream tones in this bed match perfectly with the white handprinted backdrop!

Are you expecting and wanting to have a newborn portrait session? I do suggest making your booking before bub’s arrives to ensure session availability within those first 14 days.

All inclusive newborn session packages start at $498. For more information please head over to the pricing information page of my website or click here to contact me.