black and white portrait of a baby girl lying on her tummy with her chin on her hands

Posted on August 27, 2019


Gorgeous baby June arrived at my studio with her mum and dad at just 7 days new. It was an absolute privilege to be chosen to capture these precious newborn memories of a good friends absolutely perfect new baby girl.

She was a delight to photograph, arriving fast asleep and barely opening her eyes for the first two hours. She was one seriously content little bubba! This allowed us to start by capturing some simple images on my posing bag before moving on to some family photos and props.


And how about those cheeks! Aren’t they just adorable?


The newborn stage goes by in a blur and I can tell you that when they are standing there giving you attitude at 3,4,5…. years it’s hard to remember just how teeny tiny they were in those first few days! Thats why I love photographing these two poses which really capture that. One day she will look back in amazement that she actually fit into the palms of her parents hands.


And this backlit black and white shot using a wooden bowl prop is one of my favourites to shoot and one often chosen by my clients when they view their proofing galleries. There’s just something about the timeless nature of a black and white image that gets me every time!


It was a pleasure to meet you little June. Welcome to the world beautiful!!

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