Baby boy on his hands and knees on a white rug on white floor boards with a white background

Posted on March 1, 2019


It was so great to have this little guy back in the studio for his 9 month old ‘milestone’ session!

I began photographing Parker’s journey with his mother’s maternity photo shoot at 30 weeks, followed by his newborn session at just 3 weeks old.

My gosh hasn’t time flown and so much changed! This sweet cheeky boy’s smile, personality and cuddles melted my heart.

SCHOEMAN_MS-4 - A 9 month old baby boy smiling and sitting in a rustic galvanized tub with blue furs and fabrics surrounding him

A ‘milestone’, or ‘sitter’ session as they are sometimes called, are generally booked when your baby is between 6 and 12 months of age, while they’re sitting but not yet crawling. I find this age range provides the greatest variety of poses with babies able to comfortably do tummy time, lie on their back and sit up unassisted or in props. It’s also the age where their little personalities are shining, and giggles and smiles flow freely.

At just 9 months, Parker was already pulling himself up to stand. And my gosh was he a fast crawler! He certainly provided me with a challenge, but with such a cute little face and personality, I didn’t mind one little bit!

SCHOEMAN_MS-3 - Baby boy sitting and about to crawl on a white wood floor and wall background during his sitter photo session
SCHOEMAN_MS-7 - Sitting 9 month old boy draped in a white fabric on a white wood floor backdrop during his portrait session.

We chose to keep Parker’s session clean and simple with white’s and plain fabrics, to really make him the focus of the photographs. With no distracting elements in the photo, your eye can’t help but be immediately drawn to those beautiful big blue eyes of his!

SCHOEMAN_MS-5 - Baby boy lying on a brown Mongolian fur rug looking straight up towards the camera

When your little one comes in for their session, you will see the studio has a large variety of furs, fabrics and props. There’s something to suit almost any style and skin tone!

For Parker we chose a lovely brown toned Mongolian fur rug. So soft and comfy!! Just one of the many colours on offer.

SCHOEMAN_MS-1 - a sitting 9 month old baby boy dressed in blue rompers on a white wood floor background
SCHOEMAN_MS-2 - Crawling baby boy in grey rompers on a white background during his milestone photo session.

I also have a number of boys and girls outfits on hand in the studio. I like to get a few different “looks” during a session so feel free to bring in your own clothing, or alternatively you are more than welcome to use some of mine.

For the above photographs we chose to dress Parker in a gorgeous grey “Little John” romper from Lacey Lane. This would have to be one of my personal favorites.

I can’t wait to see Parker back in the studio for his first birthday Cake Smash! We have something special planned for you little man!

“Milestone” sessions are a great way to capture your little one’s growth and changes, and to preserve those special memories of their development throughout their first year. They can be done at any time with 3 months, 6-9 months and 12 months proving to be the most popular.

Lets upgrade those photos on your wall with some gorgeous images of your little one!

‘Milestone’ or ‘Sitter’ sessions packages start at $250. For further information click to Contact Me.